Welcome to my new and first site, that I created in our CT 101 class. However I am planing on using it for my personal blogging, about food makeup and other hobbies.


CUNY York college student, studying Psychology BA.

I am from Pakistan, currently live in Network city with a dream of one day becoming an MUA, I love makeup, skincare, photography, and of curse food (both eating it and making it). I am an outdoor activities person, such as hiking, camping and biking etc.

“be you and the world will adjust”


Hello world,

my first blog post… being in the circumstances we are in right now and only seeing negativity around us we will make this a positive one. Even though this has been one of the most odd semester, Ramadan,(Muslims observing fasts) and is going to be an “interesting” eid ( a Muslim holiday) . keeping in …


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